Letter from Margaret Thatcher, March 1969

 The Mount
Near Tunbridge Wells

Dear Mrs. Landau,

Please forgive me for not having replied to your kind letter long before this. We moved houses and I mislaid it until I had got everything sorted out.

Your own book has not yet come but a most useful one called The Legal System of Israel by Mr. H. E. Baker whom you must know has come and I have enjoyed it very much. I am interested that in the end Mr. Baker says that the legislature aims to create a homogeneous body of law "suited to the needs of a modern progressive state". I wonder if such a thing is possible. Law is so much better when it's ground from certain well defined and well tried principles than when it starts from an intellectual concept.

I often think of you both and always ask after you whenever Ben Jaffé or Mrs Jaffé come over here. So let me know if ever you and judge Landau are visiting London.

I'm venturing – a little wearily – to visit Russia for 10 days. I've never been and I find it difficult to comprehend a system so different from everything that we believe in.

Kind regards to all my Israeli friends,

Yours sincerely

Margaret Thatcher